Question about nameservers

Is it possible to for me to point my domains to,, and and they will be available at my dreamhost hosting account? If so, how is this done. I don’t mind spending a few extra bucks to do it either.

You must point ns1 to
ns2 to
& ns3 to

But if dreamhost change their ip you will have to make the change too.

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I was just looking at the ‘DNS’ page for one of my domains, and I see that it has box with the title, ‘Add a DNS record to’

Can I just put ‘’ and set th ‘type’ to ‘NS’ and then set the value to ‘’. Would that work?

add “a point”

ns1 to
ns2 to
ns3 to

could you explain ‘a point’

no, it would only delegate ns1 .yourdomain.tld to dreamhost.

The first server can be too.

PS : don’t use cname, it can’t be used for such things.

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No I wasn’t going to use CNAME. In that box where you can add custom records, there are several types (a, cname, ns…).

Could I set as a ‘NS’ record and set the value to

No (well you can, but it would be useless, you can only control with this).

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Okay, I just tried it my way, and it…didn’t work.

The basic procedure is to add A records for your domain, pointing to the IP addresses of the DreamHost DNS servers.

For example;

ns1 A
ns2 A
ns3 A

Note: The IP addresses of the DreamHost DNS servers may change in the future, so you will need to keep on top of that.

Of-course, after the A records are added and active, you will need to change the DNS servers for your domain from ns? to ns? If I recall correctly, there is an extra confirmation step when doing this, where you have to re-enter the relevant IP addresses.


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