Question about links



I recently moved my hosting here and like what I see so far. I just have 1 question. I had a sub folder off of my main domain with an index.html file in it. The sub folder was a simple golf webpage that showed my best scores etc.

With my old host I would just type my domain name and then /golf and it would automatically go to the website. However, on dreamhost I have to type out index.html after /golf.

previously /golf
now /golf/index.html

Does anyone know what this is happening?

Any help would be appreciated.


The /golf scenario works on my server.

Have you made any changes to your .htaccess file?

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Thanks for the reply.

It appears that a new CMS that I installed changed the .htaccess file.

I just used the # symbol to change a few lines and it working fine now.


Yeah, some CMS’s like to take over all your stuff eh.

Glad you have it sorted.

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