Question About: Hosting for just $5.78 a month - Help Please


There is an ad on the homepage and hosting pages of Dreamhost regarding Hosting for $5.78 a month.

Has anyone signed up for this and what were the terms? It sounds like a great deal!

Is this a special that does not need a long term contract?

What is the contract terms or how many years or months do I need to pay for to get the $5.78 deal?

Does anyone have more details on this???

BTW, I have contacted Dreamhost and waiting for them to reply. I just wanted to get some feedback from some others who have maybe signed up for this offer. :slight_smile:

Thank you!


I don’t see the offer any more. But if there is one, it would be at least a one-year hosting plan. You may get additional discounts with promo codes, but it is only for new customer. You won’t be able to use any promo code when you renew your hosting plan.

If i remember correctly.
The ~5$ month is for a 10 year contract.

That’s Promo works for new customers only. If you have a Afflt account and not used any hosting plan ever you may use promo-codes.

I will suggest you to choose max discount coupon or promo codes and than choose long term plan.

You may use my promo-codes to get $97 off as shown in my signature and if it will be allowed your shared hosting plan will cost $2/month