Question about Gmail Account + Dreamhost


I am not understanding a couple of things concerning the gmail account/dreamhost offer.

  1. Is this a free add-on to dreamhost? Or will I have to purchase google business apps separately?

  2. I will be getting one shared hosting account but hosting multiple domains. So, I will want to have it’s own gmail account and spam filtering but I will also want to have it’s own gmail account and spam filtering. Is this possible with the shared account and unlimited domains?

I want to get this cleared up before signing up and transferring a bunch of sites and data over to dreamhost.



[list=1][] It’s just the standard free Google Apps service level — we don’t have any special deals with Google here, so you’re limited to something like 10 mailboxes on a new domain. If you need more, you’ll need to sign up for their paid service.
] Google will let you set up as many domains as you need under Google Apps, so yes.[/list]