Question about FTP

is there anyway to set up an anonymous ftp account on my domain where users can upload and download files but not have the permission to edit or delete files?

Wht would be the point? Guests could download a file, edit it, and re-upload it.
Anonymous FTP service is available as add-on. Check the FTP page in the panel:

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Well, I want to set up a thing where users can upload files but I don’t want them to have the ability to delete, so in other words uploading only, do I use anonymous ftp to set that up, or is there another way? The reason is because people might abuse it and delete the files on the server. There is a point to it because I don’t want to give anybody my full-acess ftp login.

it’s linux based, so basicly no, linux exactly one user owns files, so you do or they do, you can allow them to read, but not read write only
atleast not since the last time I checked

No. In order to prevent them from editing or deleting files, you would need to revoke write permission which would also revoke their permission to upload and save. UNIX file permissions work on a read/write/execute basis.