Question about FTP Client and Website?



Okay so I made my website using HTML and I am trying to use webFTP.dreamhost ( Ajaxplorer) to upload my webpage to the internet but when I do it I am getting some type of error.

My domain name goes to a site with a white background that says

Index of /

  Name                    Last modified      Size  Description

And when I put in my files to the FTP client and then go look at my website…all I see is a link to another page which takes me to something like

I am not sure how to make it so my website is directly opening to my domain name


rename that file to index.html


The dreamhost directory structure for your initial ftp will send you by default to a directory called /home/myuser
myuser is your username. You’ll find a directory on /home/myuser called (or org or whatever you bought) this is where your .html files go. so /home/myuser/ is the default page for your web.

So set the ftp program to go into the directory. Better yet, download filezilla and use it for SFTP (or ftp if you like to transmit your passwords in the clear!)



Thank a Million to both of you! That worked! =)