Question about email send limits

I read that the maximum number of emails that can be sent in one hour is one hundred, but is that per email account, or for the entire hosting account?

I’m making websites for people - which I’m also hosting for them - and I would like to offer them email accounts on their domain, but if over time I have a few dozen clients with one or two emails each then the “one hundred emails an hour limit” could easily be surpassed.

I believe it’s per email account, as per the wiki:

That’s how I interpreted it (per account), but I was hoping someone could confirm that, just to make sure…[hr]
Another question I have is what would happen if spam were sent from one of the email accounts. Would the email account be turned off, or my hosting plan?

If one person sending out bulk email or spam would turn off my hosting account, then offering clients email accounts is probably not worth the risk.

Does anyone have any insight into my question about a client abusing their email account?

You lose your entire account (plan).

Yikes, I better not take the chance then, even if it’s unlikely it would happen…

Thanks for all of your help.

Why not make them a referral code and sell them a Dreamhost account of their own which you then charge them to configure/administer?

That’s something to consider, but the problem is that it would cost them a lot more. Hosting is like $120 a year, right?

That’s where the referral code comes in. Dreamhost offers a program where you get money for your referral, however you can pass some of your commission to your client in the form of a code. You tell Dreamhost what amount of discount you will associate with the code, as well as additional features like free domain registration or static IP addresses. The cost of these goodies is deducted from the amount of commission you receive from Dreamhost.
If you really aren’t sure about a client’s intentions, you really can’t risk it, And Dreamhost’s discount codes are meant to be used in place of some other companies turn-key reselling plans. I believe it is also possible to set up your commissions to be a lifetime percentage instead of a flat one time payment.
I give some people I physically know (like PTA members or my boyfriend) use of my e-mail, however not business only relations or net only relations! You can’t take it back once it blows up! Good Luck.