Question about Dreamhost

I want to create an anime site with dream host package. What is considered as an illegal anime? I am hoping to host series such as, One Piece, Bleach, Naruto, and Death note. Their all in japanese with subtitles.

I think this question would be best asked of DreamHost themselves via the contact form linked below.

Obviously I cant speak for DreamHost, but I would say that you would not be able to host the files unless you owned the copyright to them, or had permission from the legal copyright owners.

The rules are basically the same, regardless of whether the content is software, music, movies or anime.


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I believe it is most likely not allowed as if I remember right, some of the anime you mentioned are licensed.
Anyway, like Raz2133 said, it is best to contact DreamHost themselves.
Good luck! :slight_smile:

[quote]What is considered as an illegal anime?


Illegal is what someone complains about, or otherwise comes to attention, and DreamHost is not sure about copyright or other law. Only judges know for sure.

They need more support help.
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As Meanie said some of those series are now licensed, like Bleach for example. I wouldn’t host them…
YouTube and others have special deals concerning anime, but you don’t have…

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Basically, licensed anime are not allowed? and Death Notes would be allowed. Correct?

Well it’s the same for all hosting :
If it’s illegal, you can’t host here.

I fact, if no one complain about it, it’s ok.
But if the right’s owner ask dreamhost to remove it, they can cut your hosting.

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I don’t think I would say it’s “ok” if nobody complains. Do you have a legal right to reproduce and publicly display the works in question? If you do, then no problem. If not, then you’re taking a risk by putting such material on your web site.

Failure to get caught doesn’t make something right.