Question about downloading/uploading


This question demonstrates I am a “VERY beginner.” :^)

I want to download new templates, plugins, SiteMeter, etc. How do I do that? Do I download them to my PC first and then upload them to my site? Are there any detailed instructions for how to do that successfully? I’m using WordPress, by the way, if that matters.



You can do that if you wish then use your ftp or ssh program to upload them to your account.

Or you can use DreamHosts built in net2ftp feature under the ‘manage users’ page of the Control Panel (if you have created any users that is).

Just click the ‘login now’ button and you will be straight into your account without usernames or passwords. (Needs Javascript enabled)

You can then navigate to where you wish to place the WordPress knick-knacks.

You can also use the web ftp version of net2ftp at where you will need your username/password pair.



Thanks, Norm! That’s VERY helpful info. You’ve shown me a whole new world there! Now that I know how to get into the “guts” of my page, some of the Help files make a lot more sense.

Thanks a million.


People are very happy to help here, but also, for another resource, be sure to bookmark (main WordPress page) and for the WP support forums. I’ve found them very useful (I’m also a WP users, as you can guess). Except for a couple of recent problems. :slight_smile: