Question about Domain

In this page
it says that a domain for level 1 package (if paid for atleast a year) is free right?

Free Domain Registrations (A $9.95 Value!) 1
Domains Hosted UNLIMITED

and below that, i can see “Domains Hosted” = Unlimited, wat does that mean? is that parked domain?

and also, when i register a domain with dreamhost, can i get a Whois privacy? how?

You get one free domain registration when you sign up for a year. The unlimited thing means you can host unlimited domains. And unfortunately you don’t get whois privacy with domains registered with Dreamhost. I reall wish they would add that.

thanks for the reply, but can i add how many parked domains?

The ‘unlimited domains’ means any type of domain, be it hosted, redirected, mirrored, or parked. You choose how you want it added in the Control Panel.

(Note: This does not mean you get unlimited free parked domains, it just means that if you want to use your hosting package to park more domains that you’ve paid for, you can)