Question about domain transfer


Hello All,
Im in the near future about to transfer a domain from another host to my dreamhost site. I would like for the new website to be fully up and running with no downtime on the site. Would it be ok to wait untill I get my new website all created in the domain folder on my FTP site and then switch the name server so that it is pointing at the dreamhost servers? or will this just mess everything up? any help would be appreciated.


Here’s the wiki article on that:

If it involves a database, then look here also:

Once your site goes live, you’ll have to change your config files to point to your live site, rather than the dreamhosters names.



i actually did something like that yesterday… i had a forum i wanted to move and this is what i did: i added the domains to my DH account, downloaded the forum files, downloaded a back up of the database, uploaded the files, imported the database, edited my forum’s config file and BOOM - everything is fine… you just have 2 way for the nameservers 2 resolve if you had 2 point them at DH. not long either, i waited no more then half an hour…