Question about domain transfer to DH

I’m not so good in english, I’m sorry.

I’ve an account on DH taken with promotional code and now I’m going to renewal it.
I’ve never used the free domain registration given with the account and now I would like to use it for transfering my own domain from external MNT to DH.

Can I use my free domain registration for transfer or transfer operation it’s only by payment?
What steps I must do exactly to transfer my domain (.org)?

(*.ORG - Expiration Date:24-Oct-2007 08:36:02 UTC

In the panel I can read:

  • Domains must be “unlocked” at their current registrar or the transfer will fail.
    How can I vrify it?
  • Domains may not be transferred within 60 days of their initial registration!
  • You should do any nameserver changes (e.g. to, etc) before transferring!
    How I do this? In the actual MNT I can manage DNS record A,MX,CNAME but not NS.

Thank you for answers!

I’ve opened a tiket to support, so you can close my topic :slight_smile: