Question About Domain Name

I am building a site with dreamhost, it is registered under the name The name is registered with verio and the DNS is pointed at dreamhost. That domain name is not going to be the final one, eventually it will be when I finish building it.An old version of this site exists right now so I can’t build it under that name just yet. Question is: Can I change the name of the site to the new one after I am finished??

You have two choices:

  1. Make your .org site a mirror of your test site. It will pull content from your test site and present it as your .org site
  2. Create a Fully Hosted .org site under the same FTP user. Once you’re ready to go, rename like this:
    .org becomes .old
    test becomes .org
    .old can become test for a complete trade, or you can leave .old alone, effectively abandoning your old test domain name