Question about domain credits

In the support wiki, it states:

" Free Registrations

We will give you 1 free registration credit every year you host with us, this credit can be used to register a new registration or transfers to us. You will receive the free registration credit again, 11 months since you last used it. This will allow you to renew your registration before it expires.

Please note that you can use your free registration credit on any registration, you can use it on 1 registration this year and another next year. "

That’s on

My question is, say someone’s been a customer for two years, would they then be able to maintain two domain registrations for free, or would the credit only be good towards one, just renewing the domain registration?

I’m not sure if that made enough sense to be able to be answered, please ask me if you want me to clarify, I can’t think of a better way to ask it.

It only applies to one domain at a time. It’s just that you can change it at some point if you let the other one expire.

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So basically, if I had one free ‘lifetime domain’ when I signed up, a year later, I’d get a domain credit, which I’d use to register a second domain (free with the credit?), so effectively, I’d have two free domains, but the 1 year credit would expire, and 12 months later I’d use it to renew the second domain, so I wouldn’t be able to get a third free one, correct?

It only keeps one domain registered for free as long as you’re hosting here. It’s up to you to pick the one domain to renew for free.


Ok, thanks all. :slight_smile: