Question about DNS subdomains

I have a domain hosted here…

say it is

I also have a number of subdomains like and others…

I need to move (the TLD) to a different host. I know to go into Godaddy (the registar) and point to the proper nameservers…

I did this and then at Godaddy, I added cnames to point the subdomains back to my IP at DH. However this didn’t seem to work.

Is there a way to host sub-domains in DH while keeping the TLD elsewhere?

So utlimately I’d like this: --> hosted outside of DH --> hosted in DH --> hosted in DH
and so on…


seriously? did I stump the forum or did I ask the wrong question? I’d love to just try this out but what I tried earlier didn’t work and I suffered a couple hours of downtime due to DNS propagating and then having to reverse it.

If anyone has any tips on this, I’d greatly appreciate it.

I want to have hosted at my rackspace account.

but I want to have hosted here at DH.

Godaddy is my registar so I have DNS control over there if I need to. Any advice?

Yes it is of course possible.

Several options

Change your name servers at Godaddy to point to DH. Then in DH create the domain and fully host. Create all your sub-domains in DH too. Then in your DH control panel in the DNS record for the change the A record to point to the other server (outside DH). The other server will need setup to service


You could leave the control at GoDaddy. Change the A record for www to point to the new server, and all the subdomain names to point to the DH setup.

Thanks @dajuk

The 2nd option was good and works. I tried the first option at first but it didn’t work. or maybe I didn’t give it enough time to propagate DNS on the www. Anyway, thanks again David.