Question about databases before I sign up




Well, I’m interested in signing up to dreamhost but I’m a bit scared…

I’m currently signed up with a different site, that gives me almost exactly the same as it says dreamhost does. I have a Coppermine gallery on there which has almost 7,000 and now it started making real problems such as instead of thumbnails of pictures it shows ‘off cgi-limit’. Sometimes you reach a ‘too many connections page’ and sometimes the ‘batch add pictures’ function simply doesn’t work.
I had a look around there and it seemed we simply passed their databases limit.

I know absolutely nothing about databases, I simply followed Coppermine’s instructions and I’ve seen Coppermine galleries with far more pictures than ours so I know it’s possible to have a bigger gallery… I just want to know if there’s some sort of database limit here or if there’s any way this would happen to me with dreamhost, because I don’t want to reach the same position I’m in now.

I hope I didn’t confuse everyone in the forum yet… lol

Please help me… Thanks in advance.


I don’t believe you’d have any trouble with outgrowing the database limits on Dreamhost. There are no hard limits on database usage, and it’s pretty difficult to use up a lot of diskspace with it. If your usage does get out of hand then Dreamhost will contact you and help you sort it out if possible - but you’d have to have a crazily inefficient script to do that! :slight_smile:

If you followed the Coppermine guide through, then I see no reason why it wouldn’t work fine here. Make sure you export all your existing data so that you can keep all your current stuff in there!