Question about data/bandwidth usage

Hello, I am starting a blog and my question has to deal with whether or not I should worry about my disk and bandwidth usage. I just started my account and it is one with 500 GB disk and 5TB BW.

My friend gave me the suggestion to do my blog updates in videos instead of text. I will do one video every week, for at least a year. The videos will probably be about 5 minutes. I have maybe 100-200 people I know personally who will be viewing the videos each week, and hopefully if the blog is successful, that number will grow exponentially.

I just want to make sure uploading videos wont lead to too much data usage or cause account suspension.

Thanks for your time and help if you can respond!

So long as anything you’re uploading to your web directories are for your site content, and it’s yours, everything’s good! It’s using web directories for personal backups that we’re more concerned about with disk usage, which, we give a free 50GB personal backups user for: . Alternatively, you can use a free video hosting service like YouTube to host/stream your videos, and embed them on your site hosted with us. Not that you need to - It’s just an option!

You shouldn’t need to worry about bandwidth usage; Physical memory (RAM) usage limits are usually the only limit that can eventually become an issue for you depending on your site traffic and structure, but if it’s a pretty basic site it should be no problem at all really :slight_smile:

Okay, awesome! Thank you for clarifying and for the suggestion!

No problem at all! If you should have any other questions, feel free to let us know, or hit up our support team from your panel and we’ll be happy to help! :slight_smile:

Assuming the videos will be streamed or pseudostreamed rather than downloaded, you’ll probably have a limit of 20 simultaneous views at any one time unless you are using DH’s built-in streaming options. If you are running your own streaming software, you’ll need to worry about memory, CPU usage, and the total number of simultaneous processes per user which is limited to 20 or 25.

Streaming from a YouTube account is a good idea.

Set the YT account to not show ads in your videos and turning comments off will keep follow-up commentary at your actual domain.

sXi is right. It is a good idea to stream from YouTube. You won’t need to worry about CPU, Memory, or Bandwidth :stuck_out_tongue: