Question about cron output error


I’m having an issue with my cron jobs. I just enabled them a few days ago, but they were working. I was getting ‘OK’ output.

Now, it’s like the cron is trying to run, but then the output I get is this:

It’s like it finds it then it doesn’t find it? Can someone help me decipher this?

Also, I’m wondering how I am going to execute these files by hand if I have to, since I can’t do it with a browser (no permissions for ‘others’). I’m using winscp, but having a hard time getting them to execute.


What does your cron entry look like? It looks like you’re trying a browser command, but you say that you can’t do it with a browser due to no permission.

Your cron entry should look something like:
/usr/local/bin/php /home/MYUSER/PATH/file.php
(or /usr/local/php5/bin/php)




Like I said, this was working fine before. I did try an entry somewhat similar to what you’re suggesting when I was first experimenting but I could only get it to work with wget. Maybe this is a probably with permissions I’ve recently changed? I guess I’m not totally clear on what wget is doing. In any case, I eventually need the permissions to limit access from others.


If you’re doing a wget, it’s on the webserver, and you can’t limit permissions, however, you can restrict web access with a .htaccess file. You can allow from its own IP address, and deny all else. Something like:

order deny,allow deny from all allow from
If you have changed permissions to restrict access, you’ve got to change them back.



Make sure that you have MAILTO='' as the first line in your crontab, that is kindof new.
Otherwise dump wget for curl.

or if you need to use bins then:

More php binaries you can use-



-c lets you specify a php.ini file path
-n tells the binary not to load the config file

Using that you can execute a script chmodded to 400.

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