Question about content

I wish to setup a website strictly for home-brew Super Nintendo Development.

This website will be the host of 2 phpbb forums. 1 mediawiki and a content management system.

I am planning for the site to host;

  • a series of current Public Domain Super Nintendo documentation (accessible via the wiki)
  • a series of Public Domain ROMs (accessible through cms)
  • project development forums (via the phpbb forums)

I am not expecting an influx a people accessing the site (probably 100 different users a month at the moment)

I am curious as to if this is acceptable on DreamHost? and more importantly wish to know how smooth the Dreamhost setup process is. (I’ve helped migrated a website from one web hosting service to another for a friend of mine once and the whole process took 5 weeks)

As long as it is legal, it’s ok.

for the setup : a few minutes if you pay with google checkout, 2 days if you use another payment and send a fax (usually).

For domain migration : about a week (but you don’t have to do it if you want only hosting from dreamhost)

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As of there’s unlimited database,unlimited subdomains,etc etc provided by DreamHost,you can use as many as you want. There’s easy one-click installs you can install within munites. DreamHost is really fairly to its customers. So you don’t have to worry about being kicked,unless you host elegal contents. Even if your sites use much more cpu(normally there’s no limit) that harms other customers DreamHost will not kick you off(many provider do so,cruelly). Rather they’ll work with you to solve your problem and get your site running. No hidden rules,no hidden costs on DreamHost. So no worries to choose it :slight_smile:

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phpbb and mediawiki can be installed via the one click installs. For cms joomla is offered but you could install any other one you want. These can be set up to install wherever you want within domains or subfolders as required.

If you pay by paypal or credit card setup is straightaway but takes a bit longer for any new domains to become active but this should only be a matter of hours. Payment by cheque takes longer while it clears.

You seem to have everything you need planned so you could get everything set up pretty quickly, customising the sites to your taste and adding content will probably be the longest bit.

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[quote]I am curious as to if this is acceptable on DreamHost?


If in doubt, to get a “real” answer, check with Support, Sales and Abuse departments at DreamHost contact.
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I agree that doing a precheck with the official DreamHost officials before doing any migration or setup would be good, since you don’t want to go through all the trouble of setting up your site only to find out that DreamHost will have some problem with it.

Also, it’s worth putting up:

  1. a prominent notice of the intention of the site and the underpinnings of its legality.
  2. a prominent notice of allowed and disallowed user-contributed content. You don’t want to be shut down because of what some user has posted.

Finally, be vigilant for illegal user-contributed content.

What forum and CMS software are you thinking of installing?

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That is, as is always the case with your posts, “good advice” and very useful.

It’s also worth noting that, given the DMCA and the changing nature of legalities with copyright and trademark related issues, DH may not be able/willing to give you a “pre-blessing” on your planned site. They talk about this, and provide other additional relevant information in their new Dreamhost Webhosting Abuse Center site.