Question about catch-alls & junk filter


Many years ago, by default DH configured new accounts with a catch-all address enabled. I took advantage of this. When entering my data into a web form, I customized the address to the site I was on so I could track where spam was coming from. This would also prevent spam from getting to my main email addresses.

As time went on, DH setup razor and I began using that for spam filtering. Then they introduced the current junk filter, but will not enable it for domains with catch-alls. So I was forced to continue using razor, which was fine. Then, without warning or notice, DH removed razor completely leaving me to thwart spam client-side.

Over the past year or two, I have been slowly moving away from a catch-all on my main domains. Every time an email came in that went to the catch-all, I would go and change it or add it. A few weeks ago I setup an auto-responder for the catch-all. And now I have the catch-all set to delete all messages, but it still sends the auto-responder telling the sender to use the contact form on our site.

The issue I run into, is that DH has removed the options for spam filtering that they previously agreed to provided. This means my main addresses are still only protected client-side.

Is there a way I can disable the catch-all, but keep the custom auto-responder? Or is there a way I can control the reply to messages that bounce?



I use the Junk Filter (SpamAssassin) for all my mailboxes, which includes the mXXXXXX accounts.

What address do you want for the auto-responder? From what I see in the Control Panel, you can set up a catch-all and then hopefully use the catch-all as the autoresponder.



I want to use the auto-responder for the catch-all. I already have the auto-responder setup for it. However, one cannot use the Junk Filter with the catch-all enabled.


Nope. Catch-all is still an alias. Auto-responders are tied to an alias. No alias, no auto-responder.

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snokarver, I have the same problem as you … I use my catch-all address to enter various names from the various sites I visit and sign up for things with.

Why won’t DH do spam filtering on this account?


[quote]Why won’t DH do spam filtering on this account?


They have said before that there is a lot of overhead in trying to run the filter on catchalls. This is because catchalls tend to get so much spam to begin with.

One thing I did do a couple years ago, was I setup a catch-all with a subdomain. This makes it less likely that the catch-all will be a spam target.


so does anyone know if there is a way to create a custom bounce message?