Question about binding high ports


I am considering using dreamhost hosting.

Is it possible to run processes that bind ports that will be available outside?

For example when I use Shell account access, if I setup a Quake server, will I and my friends be able to connect to it? Or if I run my own instance of Tomcat with http connector on port 44444 will I be able to access it from outside?

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You cannot run any persistent processes on your DH account, so running a Quake server or Tomcat would literally be impossible.
In consideration of that, I’m not entirely positive you can specify your own ports and such, as I’m quite certain DH would be blocking anything but those ports needed.

What you’re looking for is not shared hosting - but a VPS, partially-dedicated, or a dedicated server. I’m unaware of any shared hosts that’ll allow you to run your own server applications and such.

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I believe that is correct. To quote from the DreamHost TOS

[color=#0000CC]“Any application that listens for inbound network connections (even if the application would otherwise be allowed) are not permitted.”[/color]


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As mentioned they are correct.

If you want to run your own services or servers – shared hosting is pretty much out of the question. No matter what host you consider.

If you are wanting to do a quake server, maybe try looking into an inexpensive VPS.

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There are shared hosts who are friendly to some low-cpu servers like teamspeak.

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