Question about "bad_httpd_conf" - Wiki no help

Hi everyone,

I had my domain mirrored to another domain and recently backed it up and deleted the mirror in exchange for full hosting.

Am I expecting to see "error id: “bad_httpd_conf” until the DNS propagates for the domain? What is the approximate time? (24hrs?)


DNS can often take 2-3 days to fully propagate. Sometimes all it takes to fix the “bad http_conf” is to Edit that subdomain, make no changes, then click Submit to force an update.


As was said by the previous respondent, wait a day or so. After that, check for a stray “.htaccess” file that may be left behind on the old site and check that any “.htaccess” files on the new site are properly configured. If the “.htaccess” file got copied from one domain site to the other there may be some itches that need to be scratched.

Figured I’d post this here rather than create a new thread. I’m experiencing the “Site Temporarily Unavailable, bad_httpd_conf” problem. The domain was registered with godaddy before I got hosting here, so I put in the nameservers on my account there (, etc). It was working fine for a while, but a couple days ago started the bad_httpd_conf error.

If I go the the unique IP, it works fine. So, I would think this is a DNS issue, right? Is there a way to resolve this myself or should I just email support? Also, I’ve done the edit web hosting, but make no changes “workaround” to no avail.

Also, it’s been reported that you see the same thing when your site is taken down intentionally for some reason. So if the above trick doesn’t work, it’s up to Support.

Godaddy works for me.

They need more support help.
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Yes, I tried all that a few times before posting. Just thought I’d see if anyone had any other suggestions.