Question about Backup & Donation


for backup
How does the DH backup mechanism works?
is it cost us more on the bill?
if i request a routine backup, can i make it spesific (e.g. all folders except any folder named “cache”)?

for donation
what is DH term of “Adult-related sites” which not allowed to use DH donation service?

sorry for a lot of question and bad grammar


Backup: Both our standard automated backups and the Account Backup service (available in the panel) are free. A number of common cache/temporary directory names are automatically excluded. We can’t change the settings for that on a per-user basis, though.

Donations: Since the donations service is based on PayPal, it’s really their idea of “adult” that counts here, not ours. The PayPal Help Center has details under “How does PayPal determine which sexually oriented goods and services to permit?”.