Question about available modules for hosting


We are having trouble with our current hosting provider and are considering moving our website to Dreamhost. However, our web developer has the following question about Wordpress compatability (I myself don’t really understand the technical aspects, so I’m copy-pasting his question):

[b]Do you have installed next modules:

Can i access to htaccess and php.ini ?
I am interesting for permission to
755 for folders, 644 for files, is it possible ?[/b]

I appreciate any info on this.

DreamHost’s PHP configuration is here:

You may want to send him that link so he can examine the specs more closely for himself.

.htacess and php.ini => Yes

I will thank you!

Any idea what the umask and apache modules used are? He couldn’t find that info.

Apache modules are, afaik, on a per-server basis:

I found nothing about umask, but you can always ask support here: