Question about "777" promo

Okay guys, I’ve got a question. If I purchased the “Crazy Domain Insane” plan and used the “777” promo, would the promo only apply for the first year of hosting, or does the rate last forever (as long as I have an active account)? This will make the decision for me. If I only have to pay $9.24 per year, I’m signing up right now!

Thanks in advance for the responses,

Scott (Hopefully a soon-to-be DreamHost customer)

It’s only good for one year.

Just one… awesome… year. Just? A YEAR! $9.24!

That was me above. Thanks for the quick replies guys. When the year ends, will I automatically be billed for the next one? If so, can I stop it from happening? The reason I want to do this is that at the end of the year I would like to evaluate the service before I commit to another year at full price. I’m not trying to be stingy, I just want to make sure I like the service before I plunk down full price. Thanks guys!

[quote]This will make the decision for me.


What have you got to lose? You can switch elsewhere after a year, right? And trust me, for $9.24, you won’t find a better host on earth (or even remotely close). - Gung-ho Web Hosting :: $7.95/mo for 2,400 MB Disk and 120 GB Transfer

I’m sold, but now I just have to decide my domain name. :slight_smile:

If these forums are any indication, the users are optimistic and eager to help. Everything looks really good.

I only have one more question… are check cards (with the visa logo on them) a viable method of purchase?


Yes, Visa-check cards are accepted.

According to the fine print, you will be automatically billed for the second year when your promotion-year ends. However, DreamHost usually sends out automatic warnings ahead of time to let you know when it’s time to decide. So you can just sit back and relax, and in a year you’ll get an e-mail reminder. But I bet that by then you’ll not want to leave!

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