Question about 555 limitations

I just signed up for the Crazy Domain Insane “555” deal and noticed as I signed up that it will not be possible to transfer any other domains hosted by dreamhost to this account. Is there any way to see more information about this? Does this limitation appear anywhere within the hosting plan information? Does this limitation ever expire? Can the domain be transferred if it’s registered with another registrar, but hosted on dreamhost? My brother has a domain hosted under another hosting plan that also hosts a number of other domains. If possible we’d like to transfer it from there to my new hosting plan (continuing to leave the other domains hosted with the other hosting plan) and transfer the registration to Dreamhost. We did a quick trial of this by de-activating the domain in the other hosting plan and trying to create it in the new hosting plan, but got some permission/access error that wasn’t very clearly related to the 555 limitations.

You can’t transfer an account (specifically the domain) that used a promo code to another account that also used a promo code. I’m guessing that’s what your current situation is?

If you have an external registrar and are trying to use the same domain name, you might consider asking support, but I have a feeling they won’t let you.

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I haven’t read the fine print, but considering that it’s a L1 plan, there’s no limit to the number of domains you can host.

Your only snag would be that you probably can’t “import” a domain registration as one of the free ones. I suspect that the error you encountered was caused by the old domain not clearing out the system before you tried to re-add it.

You’ll probably have to ask support, or re-examine the fine print. Out of curiosity, can you post the fine print from the 555 plan?


Just want to make sure the OP gets totally accurate information.

  1. You can use your domain credits for the 1 year extension that’s required (by ICAAN) when transferring registrars.
  2. Generally, you can’t transfer domain hosting to a promo-coded account. The intention of this is to prevent people from rolling their hosting over from one discounted promo-coded account to another year after year and in the extreme case getting hosting for $22.40 forever.

I suggest contacting DreamHost support and explaining your situation. Since you’re not intending to abuse the system to get virtually free hosting forever, they may be able to figure out a reasonable solution for you - particularly since in your situation it sounds like both accounts would remain active and it’s accounts from two different people. OTOH, since you can imagine that some people (not you) would find a way to abuse a reasonable but exploitable system, DH may have to protect themselves.

As a totally oddball solution, maybe you can transfer registration but not hosting? So you’d tranfer registration to your new account but keep hosting it on your brother’s account? Actually, on second thought, I don’t think the DH panel system and database will support this…

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FYI, I checked with support and in fact it’s true of any promotion that you can’t transfer domains hosted under any other DreamHost hosting plan to a hosting plan created under the terms of a promotion.

The Fine Print:

  • This offer is for new customers only - those who do not have an active account with DreamHost.
  • If you sign up and forget to use the “555” promotional code, you WILL NOT receive the sale pricing and boosted allocations. No amount of complaining will change this!
  • Domains and accounts may not be transferred from an existing DreamHost Web Hosting account to a “555” hosting plan.
  • We reserve the right to deny this sale pricing to anyone at our discretion.
  • This sale will remain in effect until the ‘555’ code has been redeemed by 500 new customers.
  • At the end of 12 months, your account will be automatically extended at the current (non-discounted) rate. You will then be asked to pay for your account if you’d like to keep it. If you do not wish to continue at that time, you may close your account via our control panel.