Querying MySQL

Using a desktop query tool, should I be able to query the mysql database attached
to my site?

I’m trying to use SQLyog, but no matter what I try for the host address (mysql.aaa.com
or http://mysql.aaa.com or www.aaa.com etc) it returns an Unable to Connect.

Any suggestions or is there a better querying tool?

Thanks in advance for the help.


you are not able to connect to mysql remotely unless you change the setting in DH panel. But I’ll suggest you not to do this for security issues.

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If you set it up properly, you should be able to connect to your MySQL database from a remote computer without problems and with reasonable security.

From the Control Panel, select Goodies–>Manage MySQL and edit the user you are using to connect. In that screen you will find a place to add the host/ip address info of machine you wish to allow that user to connect to you database from.

For security reasons, you obviously do not want to set that overly “loose”, and you probably should reset it when you are not intending to connect form that specific remote machine.


If you really wanna do this, I’ll suggest you not to save the user name and password in your local laptop. Be careful with them

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