Query limit

my actual hosting service has a limit of queries/hour of 50’000. It’s not enough for my forum. Is there a query limit in your service? What’s the limit?
Thanks for your attention

No fixed limit,
cases of extreme resource consumption are handled on a case-by-case basis.

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DreamHost tracks a statistic they call a conuery.

(25 * connections) + queries = Your database’s conuery usage

How is this important? No one really knows, but “overuse” of shared resources creates problems in shared hosting and will attract the attention of the DreamHost support team.

I have extremely low usages and have a cycle estimate of 0.247 MCn. Maybe others could post their cycle estimates? We’re close to the end of the month so they should be pretty accurate.

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There is currently no hard limit for MYSQL usage. You might want to take a look at http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Mysql#MySQL_Usage .

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BTW, I assume you want to have a good experience here at DreamHost and so you want to make darned sure that your site is appropriate for the kind of shared hosting that DreamHost can support, right?

I would contact DreamHost support via the link below, tell then which forum you’re running and give them an idea of what your load is from a posts-per-day, pageviews-per-day, and searches-per-day perspective and ask them if they can support that kind of load on a shared hosting plan. You might even give them the url for your current forum to help them.

The fact that another shared host is having a problem with hosting you (albeit due to a fixed limit) is a yellow flag that means you should take care not to take the answers here as meaning that you have unlimited usage of a database server. There is a limit, it’s just not fixed to the number of queries you run in any one hour period.

Here’s the contact url:

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Agreed. If you know about how many queries and hits per day then you should be able to get a good answer from support.

Good luck!

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