Querry about domain and hosting


So I bought hosting and a domain last year, at the time it said that in one year it would allow me to switch domains when the original one expired.
I did want to change my domain as I was told it was to hard to spell, so when it expired I registed a new one. However now I can’t seem to figure out how to link it to my hosting plan. Have I f*~ked myself? Can I not do this? (Despite it saying I could?)


Your first domain create an example.com folder in your home directory. Now that you’ve registered a new one, you can go to the panel and create a new Fully Hosted domain for that new registration. It will create an example2.com folder in your home directory.

FTP in and rename the first one to example.old and then rename the example2.com one to example.com and your site will now show up when you access the new registered domain.