Quarantine Settings

I’m not new to the web, linux, spamassassin or squirrelmail. I’ve used each of these for years, but I’m having problems with the quarantine settings, and I hope someone can help me out.

I’ve installed my own squirrelmail installation (http://webmail.dougware.net). I’ve gone to http://mailboxes.dougware.net and set
"Quarantine to IMAP" to “JunkMail”
“At what spam score should emails be tagged as spam?” to “3.0”

Messages that are should be marked as SPAM, such as the sample spam message from spamassassin, never show up anywhere; even though I am subscribed to the JunkMail folder in squirrelmail.

In addition, messages that I believe would have been marked as spam when I had my own spamassassin installation are getting though with low numbers, like 2.3. If I remember correctly, I used to use “3.0” as my default.

I’m hoping that someone can give me pointers on the following information:
A> What have I configured incorrectly?
B> What score setting are you using to reduce your SPAM and let legitimate mail through?


Doug Eubanks