Quarantine reports not working.. and won't until fixed by developers

Is anyone out there getting quarantine reports? I haven’t been able to get mine to work. Checked with support for days now and they kept insisting that I reset the settings and wait. After getting fed up with doing that over and over, I insisted they have someone higher up take a look at the problem. Here is the response I got:

“With regards to the quarantine report, this appears to be a bug. Our
developers are aware of this matter. I will try to get some movement.
However, please understand that this appears to be a rather low priority
bug. I understand it is affecting you. However, in the broad scheme,
there are more pressing issues to tend to.”

Rather low priority? More pressing issues to tend to? Really?! Are things that messed up? Are the features you tell us you have expendable? Am I? C’mon Dreamhost… if it’s broken, it should be a priority to fix it. You have customers that rely upon what you have promised to deliver. Just because you feel it’s not important to you, doesn’t mean you should set it aside as a “low priority” It is important to us.

Yeah, they were working for me and then I noticed that they stopped. I ended up switching to using the IMAP quarantine folder anyways so that I didn’t have to log into the system everyday to see if some good email was mistakenly quarantined.

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Does that mean your switched your mail client(s) to IMAP? I’m using POP in Tbird and like it that way. I don’t know of a way to have an account set for both.

Rather they just fix it.

I’ve been using IMAP for a while. You can easily switch over to IMAP from POP, even in Tbird (which is what I used to use).

Just create a new account in Tbird that points to the IMAP servers. Once connected, you can just drag all of your folders from the POP account over to the IMAP account and all of your email will be uploaded back to the server (but will still be stored locally on your PC as well).

I would also consider looking at eM Client. You can use it at home for free for up to 2 accounts. It is definitely one of the best unknown email clients out there.

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Did you ever get Quarantine reports to work? I’ve just enabled them a couple of days ago but am not receiving them, either.