Quality of Service?

I did a quick form search and noticed a number of complaints about server load and uptime. Is this a common problem? Does Dreamhost offer any data on uptime history?

They are in the process of fixing network problems now, which is supposed to be done in a few hours.

People that just signed up might be disgusted because of the timing, but I’ve been here since 2002 and feel the good far outweighs the bad.

The don’t sensor this forum like most hosts do, so keep that in mind when reading other forums.

You can also read through dreamhoststatus.com and blog.dreamhost.com for more info – again, not sensored.

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At the moment, yes it does seem like these complaints are widespread. This is due to the major network problems that DreamHost has been experiencing on and off for the last few months.

However, as seiler said, DreamHost is currently installing a fair bit of new hardware to rectify these problems. Hopefully this will succeed in returning DreamHost to it’s normal uneventful status.

For more information on these issues see the posts in the official dreamhoststatus blog.



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There will always be complains no matter where you go :slight_smile:

read my problem before u want to go with DH

That’s not a problem with Dreamhost–that’s a problem with your site using more than your share of resources in a shared hosting environment.

When things were bad before, you spammed a 1and1 referral link – why not try hosting your site on your plan with them, if you don’t think your site is the problem? If the same thing happens there, try a third host. Fourth host? Or maybe try upgrading to a dedicated server, as DH recommended.

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I’m new to DH, having signed up only a few weeks ago and smack-bang in the middle of the performance issues.

For a few days, I feared that I’d made a huge mistake. I’d signed up with DH following recommendation, and had heard so much of them over the years that I didn’t stop to review their current performance. For a few days I had spotty connections, poor loading and generally a poor service and was cursing myself for being such foolish and rushing into the change.

Since DH finished the upgrades, everything’s been running as clockwork. It’s taken me a few days to become accustomed to the panel following several years of cP, but the Wiki is detailed and where that failed me, support tickets have been friendly, helpful and fast.

I’m still within my trial period, but if the performance problems have indeed been rectified - and it seems that way, at least on my server - I hope to be very happy here. :slight_smile:

I have clients at three hosting services now, and DH is by far the best for the Quality of Service so far.

Each has had some downtime - the worst I’ve experienced with DH was when LA turned itself off. But even then I was able to get answers and help from DH staff to some extent in time to answer my customer’s queries.

Another co I use lost power last week (of course backup failed) and lost all connection to the world. We thought they had gone belly up and walked to Aruba or something.

I was not a happy customer because of course all of my customers were yelling at me. And I had no answers.
They started coming back up on Friday, but some client sites were still down this morning.

Beyond all that, the DH team is just the nicest lot to deal with :wink:

so many roads…
so little time.

Been with DH for more than 12 months now so sure there will be problems every now and then but sometimes thinking about it again, which provider do not have problems? Overall, i feel that the price we’re paying versus the quality and quantity of the space and other support services which DH provides more than justifies the occasional hiccups we may encounter. Others may or may not agree but we’ll definitely continue with DH when our subscription ends.

I’ve been with DH since nov 05, and I’d say I’m pretty happy overall.

That said, there are some issues. I’m sure the same is for all hosts though, but it has made me want to consider alternate options for network downtime (it’s not all that common here, but if you’re running a business any downtime is costing you $)

But I would never leave here. I love it too much. Customer support is honestly the best I’ve ever received from any business n any industry. And the monthly newsletters… man those crack me up. This place has too much personality, too much of a “human” touch. That may or may not help your site speed, or fix downtime, but it’s something that a lot of companies seem to lack.

edit: on second thought, if you’re running a business you should be paying more than 10 bucks a month for shared hosting (in regards to my comment about dowtime/$)