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  3. MyMagicHost.com 500 US $
  4. DreamHostINC.com 200 US $
  5. 1andWeb.com 200 US $
  6. GoWebcom.net 200 US $

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  1. TopHostsIndex.com 500 US $
  2. FindMyHost.info 100 US $
  3. TopratedHosts.info 100 US $


  1. MobilezShop.com 500 US $
  2. NextCalling.com 500 US $
  3. MovieCDS.net 200 US $
  4. MoneyWebNet.com 200 US $
  5. WholeSale555.com 200 US $
  6. XoDo.us 200 US $
  7. StockYes.com 500 US $
  8. TradingUS.com 500 US $
  9. AutoSaleItems.com 200 US $
  10. HighDreams.com 500 US $
  11. GamesWow.com 200 US $
  12. YesHotels.info 100 US $
  13. Bookzu.com 100 US $
    14- Mye7.com 500 US $

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Yes, its 71 $ Discount code.


isnt this spam?

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That’s what it looks like to me.

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i didnt get the last part. i am not allowed to participate in more then one topic in the forum? or do i have like a limit. most forums i visit i dont have a limit but i need to wait like 60 seconds between each post…

Use the coupon code FIVEZEROOFF when signing up to Dreamhost for an instant $50 off!


uhma, huh? I think ardco went off the deep end on that comparison. LOL

The OP is spam. There’s no doubt. This post should be deleted.


[quote]Web Hosting: Asking Price

4. DreamHostINC.com 200 US $
You might want to do a trademark search for dreamhost, then re-think this idea.

Do you even know where you are right now?

Posting this anywhere else on the internet would have meant you were stupid. Posting it on dreamhost.com would seem to indicate that you’re completely braindead.

Your first post here was spam. I wouldn’t consider adding pure stupidity to your spam as an improvement.

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[quote]> Do you even know where you are right now?

Do you even know where dreamhostinc.com is hosted now?
Guess who is the registrar? (Hint: Registrar: NEW DREAM NETWORK, LLC)[/quote]
DH could feel differently, but I don’t really see a problem with Dreamhost being in a domain name… if it’s used in a positive way (reviews, promotion, info, tech help, etc…).

I think the problem is that it’s being sold as a webhosting site, and unless the buyer incorporates as Dreamhost, there is no reason to buy it. Competing against DH like this would be a violation of New Dream Network’s registered service mark, “Dreamhost.”

The current site probably isn’t the most deceptive use of a referral link out there, but it certainly has to be one of the laziest. :smiley:

I doubt many companies will give you a hard time over a trade/service mark, if you’re using it to their advantage, or at least not competing against them with it. And, of course, make it clear that it’s not connected to or endorsed by the mentioned company/site in any way.

That site you mentioned in the other thread, dreamhostsucks.com, probably isn’t a violation of the service mark either, since it’s not a webhosting site. I’ve done no legal research on this, but seeing that Wal-Mart (slightly bigger company than DH :wink: doesn’t seem to be able to stop walmartsucks.com, the same probably goes for DH.

I’d imagine that if a site was called dreamhostsucks.com, and the title of the page was, “Dreamhost sucks–host with us instead!” there would probably be a problem.

Lesson of the day: Always register the ____sucks.com version of your business name! :slight_smile:

Also, I don’t even know if DH would shut that site down if they easily could, since they don’t even delete the negative posts about them on their own forums. I always liked how they leave the bad stuff out there with the good.

Not bad… only 3 of his 6 posts are spam. I guess his next post will be the tie-breaker that decides whether he’s a worthless spammer, or the most helpful poster the internet has ever seen. The suspense is killing me!

:stuck_out_tongue: Save up to $96 at Dreamhost with the 96DOLLARSOFF promo code.


dreamhostinc.com CAN be considered trademark infringement It’s a domain that can confuse customers as to what’s the real DH site.

The whole point of trademarks is to stop people from copying you to the point where it would confuse customers. Ie, you can’t create a pop called “Coke” or create a new line of shoes calling them “Nike”. But you can freely use Coke or Nike in (most) any other context.


i agree with you… that is definitely grounds for trademark infringement

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