Q's on creating a test site

Hello to all, this is my very first thread here…

I’ve been told that I should setup a test site so as to check plugins/themes, etc, to make sure that things work correctly before applying the same to the ‘live’ site.
To this end, I’ve been advised that I should do another install of WP which would mean another MySQL database, but how do I set this up so that this test site does not end up in the public-domain folder; so that it isn’t publicly accessible and what url do I give? I don’t want to register another domain name just for a test site…

All help appreciated.

go to “manage domains” in the panel and add a sub-domain… such as test.yourdomain.com

for “Run this domain under the user:” select the same user the main site is running on. While you probably don’t know how to do it yet this might make it easier for you later, if you want to copy files over.

Optionally (although I recommend it) you can go to goodies > “htaccess/webdav” in the panel and set up a password for the directory… keeps nosey people, search engines and hackers away. Just be sure NOT to check the webdav box on that page. you can leave directory name blank to apply to the entire subdomain as well.

Then you can do another wordpress install there. The only thing it has in common with the main site is the ftp/shell user, which if you learn to us the command line you can copy files over to the other site easily using the command prompt.

Right, so I create a sub-domain and then either use the same username as for my main site under ‘Run this domain under the user:’ or I go to goodies > 'htaccess/webdav and set a pasword - then I do another WP install. OK, that clears things up a lot, thanks :slight_smile:

Actually not either/or…

I suggest you use the same user on the web server because as you become more advanced in what you do this makes it easier. You can however use a different user on the server, it’s just not as easy to copy files between “test” and “live” when they they are on different users.

The goodies > htaccess option is different. Setting that up will keep nosey people, search engines and hackers away from the test site.

Hi again and thanks v.much for your help. Right, I successfully setup the sub-domain and installed WP on there but I used a different username, but this shouldn’t be a problem as I won’t be copying files from there to the main domain. I’ll just upload the same WP plugins, etc, manually to the ‘live’ site once they work ok on the test site.