Q on major apps on DH

I couldn’t get a straight answer anywhere else, so I was hoping someone could shed some light on this for me.

Just wondering if it was at all possible to run major apps (the likes of which include Microsoft executable files) on a DreamHost server. Namely ones such as OpenSim.

As a former customer of Y!SBH, I assume not. But DH really has a hold on me, and was wondering if they are actually that much like a dream. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance, but once again I doubt it’s possible. Doesn’t hurt to ask, though. :wink:

DreamHost is primarily a shared web hosting environment, and thus such applications would definitely be disallowed.
If you want to run programs like that, you’d need to find a VPS or a dedicated box, which are a great deal more expensive than a shared host like DH.

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Many thanks for explaining it to me like that. I knew there was great potential for security risks (.exe? Yeah, think so. :P) But I wasn’t quite sure if it was due to legalities, or actual computability. Now it’s cleared up. :slight_smile:

And VPS? No way. I’d much rather just save up for my own server (BladeCenter, perhaps?) for OpenSim purposes.

Thanks again!

If you are looking to use microsoft executables you would also have to make sure you choose a microsoft server as opposed to a Linux server.

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I would imagine so. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bash and run32.dll are two very different things. :wink:

I just talked to a support guy, named Luke, and he said I could run OpenSim on a Dreamhost PS.

You don’t need to have Windows, by the way, to run OpenSim – it runs fine under Mono on Linux.

– Maria

3 year old thread D: