Q: google serp catching footer rather the relevant info

Hi, I am having troubles with google SERP.
When I search for: “mywebsite(dot)com”, the #1 result is my site, but the part that google use to describe my site and show it on the SERP is the footer content.

I configured the SEO title, description and other relevant data within my ‘home’ page and within the my theme seo setting.
I don’t see what cause this problem, anyone can help?

by the way the footer was written like this (font) footer content (/font) I though about changing it to (font rel=“nofollow”)footer content(/font)
but I don’t know if it would help or cause more damage.

Thanks in advanced.

If done properly, it should pull meta name=“description”

What theme?

If you wish to supply the domain, I’ll take a look and see it your meta tags are written correctly.

Ipstenu-DH: Bazar theme

keyplyr: r o o t b e e t (dot) c o m (Plese remove spaces, sorry for the trouble)

Hi nameuser,

Your title and description are formed properly. The keyword tag is deprecated as far as the SEs are concerned (none of them use it any longer) so that can be deleted.

IMO the likely reason Google is using part of your footer ("…Rootbeet is not responsible for any misuse of the products purchased in this site.It’s important to know that the FDA") is because you are searching for your site name “Rootbeet” and your footer is where that text is displayed.

SEs search primarily for text. Yes they now include images & video, but text content is still how their indexing is built.

If you searched for related topic terms (and not your exact site name) your site appears using your meta description as intended.

Also, and I feel this is very important, your code vrs. content is waaay out of proportion. You need more text… more article material, especially on your home page. This is what SEs will match to the search terms your potential visitors will use to find a site like yours.

Nice looking site BTW. Good luck.

Is it important to delete the keyword tags? or I can leave it as it is?
I agree to what you’ve said about my content, I do have more content and I will use it when I finish the structure.

Thank you very much! you’ve been very helpful to me!