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I’ve left my domain to an unlocked status - can people steal this domain from me?

Here’s what GoDaddy says about locking domains:

Locking your domain prevents changes to contacts and name servers. It also prevents the domain name from being transferred to another registrar. You may lock or unlock your domain at any time by using this page.

I keep mine locked. It makes me feel better, and it’s easy to unlock if need be. Why would you leave yours unlocked?


Where is the link to this option?

I buy my domains from a host who bought an enom reseller to sell domains to people. So basically, I don’t have control over lock/unlocking options. I asked her to unlock one domain because I want to transfer it to a proper registrar a friend of mine is giving me her domain so I might as well transfer both at the same time.

Was planning to transfer this weekend or something so I just wanted to know between now and then, if anyone could steal it.

If I go to my domain registration account and ask it to transfer your domain to me it will send an email to the admin email registered to your domain saying it will transfer the domain registration unless you object. You would object by merely returning the email. If you ignored the email or missed it then the transfer would go ahead.

It used to be that in domain transfers there had to be a positive exchange of emails by both parties. But a few years ago ICANN changed the regulations whereby no reply to a request for transfer would allow the transfer to take place automatically after 7 days.

This domain status locking was introduced so that a locked domain cannot be transferred even if no email reply is received from the current owner.
ICANN also added to their rules for registrar policies which said that registrars must lock and unlock a domain at a registered keepers request or to make such a facility available via a web site mechanism. That was put in place to stop registrars from making extortionate charges to keepers who wanted to change registrars, by keeping the domain locked and refusing to unlock it.

So basically you want to keep your domain locked until the very moment of transfer. You also must monitor your domains admin emails for transfer requests. There are bots that will check a domains lock status and move in the second it detects an unlock. They are bots from those cyberdomainnamefarmers that register every domain under the sun hoping to make a profit later by selling to a new keeperor the old keeper for a super-inflated price

What did you say the name of your domain was? :slight_smile:

Just in case… please do not name your domain here!


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I am NOT a DreamHost employee OK!! :@

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Thanks for the reply Norm!

Okay, I just contacted the host to re-lock the domain :stuck_out_tongue:

I never knew about these things but it has been very informative so thank you! :smiley:

Is there an option in our control panel to lock and unlock it ourselves? I don’t see one anywhere.

I would imagine you would have to contact support to request the unlock. There is a domain registration/transfer subject heading in the support form.


Opinions are my own views, not DreamHosts’.
I am NOT a DreamHost employee OK!! :@

You act on my advice at your own risk!