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I’ve noticed over the last couple of days that some domains under one primary account are noe reporting differing IPs. I’m hoping that’s indicitave of the main accounts data being transfered to different servers on different filers/clusters.

Having said that, server loads are still way too high and top is reporting the same stats across all users accounts. I’m starting to wonder what top is actually reporting.

Would anyone be able to give me an idea of why different domains on different user accounts are pinging as different IPs - yet all top stats are identical for those users?

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Well, a physical server will typically have different IPs assigned to it.

Ping your IPs, you’ll find them resolving to different server names which are just different IP addresses associated with the same physical server.

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Well I dunno mate, but I think there’s something seriously wrong here. I tried adding a couple of subdomains and they report as functioning in Panel, I can shell & ftp to them, but they won’t resolve in a browser. When creating them I left the (default) http://www.domain.com/ and http://domain.com/ work.’ setting and they simply wouldn’t respond at all. After changing them to ‘Remove “www.” if somebody goes to http://www.domain.com/ one of them at least appeared to resolve in a browser, but only with a 403, while the other spat the bad_http_conf after about 5 minutes (which I thought is indicative of a server-IP resolution issue).

I’ve issued $host domain.com in shell and some of the domains respond as having different IPs - one group even within a different range - and I’m interested in why that would be the case.

Do you think the different IPs indicate that they’re on different filers or something? If not, why would domains/subdomains under the same user account (let alone main account) use different IPs if they’re actually all at the same place? (2x subdomains) <- 1x403 & 1xbad_httpd (3x fq domains) (1x subdomain) (1x fq domain) (2x fq domains)

I suppose I can query support about this but I’d much rather have them fixing clank and blingy atm.

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