Q About Plan


What’s the rewards about? I see things like enter Promo Code and get $97 off.

So does that mean i can sign up for Dreamhost under their discounted price, key in some Promo Code and get more money off the plan?

Thanks for your help!


If you see a code representing a $97, use it.

and yes, it gets you a $97 discount.


You cannot combine promo codes, but you can certainly get the full $97 discount (if you sign-up for a year or more) when you use a promo code. For example, the “code monster” plan is currently $239.40, but you can get it for $142.40 with a suitable promo code.

Simon Jessey | Keystone Websites
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Yes, but you should be aware that the promo code discount only applies to your initial plan purchase. When the plan comes up for renewal you will need to pay the normal renewal cost.

Therefore, if using a promo code it pays to take the 2 year option. :slight_smile:

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