Q&A: Transfer a domain registration to DreamHost


So, I have a client who is leaving his current web company in favor of my services. I am advising the client to transfer the domain registration to dreamhost and I have checked into the process on how to do so, but his current web services company states that it can’t be done yet.

Here is what’s been done so far:
A) Moved the files to my server and added the domain to dreamhost to notify them that they site is now hosted on my server.

B) The DNS has been changed and the transfer has been propagated and finalized.

Here are the instructions for transfering the domain registration:

[quote]A) Domains must be “unlocked” at their current registrar or the transfer will fail.

B) Domains may not be transferred within 60 days of their initial registration or their most recent transfer!

C) You should do any nameserver changes (e.g. to ns1.dreamhost.com, etc) before transferring!

D) You must make sure you have access to the admin contact email currently listed for your domain!

E) The entire process may take 7-10 days or longer before it is complete![/quote]

I asked my client’s current web service company to do the following:

In response, my client’s web service company replied with the following, which I believe is in error:

Can we still go ahead and transfer the registration to dreamhost now, so that I don’t have to remember to do it in two months?


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Doesn’t look like it. If you’ve changed the namerservers tho you can go ahead and build the site on dreamhost now.