Python on dreamhost

All I need to know is if they use python 3 or 2. So I know what version to develop with Django? Majority of the articles are a bit out dated so I want to be sure to use the correct Django version as well as the right python version.

Hi Jacks429, on VPS and shared I believe only python2 is available. On DreamCompute you can run either python 2 or 3 as needed, on the Linux operating system of your choice. Hope this helps.

It helps a lot thanks for the info the only thing I need to know is on the shared does it matter what version of Django. I want to use the newest version but on one of there articles says that only 1.3.1 but that was as of 2015. so I am uncertain of what version there actually using.

The version of django shouldn’t matter, as long as it runs on Python 2.7.3. I have never setup Django on a shared hosting environment so I can’t really tell you how well it runs (or if it will run at all). Good thing is that DreamHost has a 97-days money back guarantee :slight_smile:

So If I do a VPS It should work fine with dajango and thanks much for the info.