Python FASTCGI will not start

problem: my FCGI application ( running Python stop working two days ago out of the blue and I am trying my best to troubleshoot. I am not getting a response with my 2+ day open support ticket.

I started from from scratch using the instructions posted on the DH Support WIKI:

Following the steps posted on the DH wiki, I can’t even get a “HELLO WORLD” to post via http. So is that DH’s evn. or me?

yes, when I execute ./default.fcgi with the example given on the DH support wiki I get:

WSGIServer: missing FastCGI param REQUEST_METHOD required by WSGI!
WSGIServer: missing FastCGI param SERVER_NAME required by WSGI!
WSGIServer: missing FastCGI param SERVER_PORT required by WSGI!
WSGIServer: missing FastCGI param SERVER_PROTOCOL required by WSGI!

Followed by a “hello world!”

If I try via the browser, I get a timed out 500 error. I have also noticed running “top” the python process dies right away or doesn’t appear at all when trying to access the default.fcgi test page.

very cool. I got a support email from DH this evening and everything works.

“Very sorry about the delay. I was able to trace the issue back to a
simple mistake in raising the Apache softlimit initially. I have
corrected this and you should not longer be experiencing any problems.
Can you please confirm that it is now working correctly?”

  • DH

Glad to hear things worked for you. DH raised the Apache softlimit for me, and after a bit of work on my part my Python FCGI scripts work!
(I wrote down what I did @: under the “Quirks” section.)

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