Python 2.5

is it available and if not, how would i post/vote for a feature request for it?

Python 2.5 is not currently available in a default DreamHost installation, but you can certainly install it yourself for use on your sites.

You can make a suggested feature request, or vote for an existing suggestion, From the Control Panel -> Home -> Suggestions section of the control panel.


I am on a shared server (chex) and have added credits to the mod_python and python 2.5 suggestions. I have also tried running one of my python scripts online but it failed.

Is there any way I can find out which (if any) python version is supported on the server I’m on, and if not, how many credits does it take to convince the dreamhost team?

Sure! Here are some things you can investigate:

  1. Just type “python” and hit enter from a shell prompt. The default python install will start in interactive mode and display it’s version number.

  2. From the shell prompt, type “ls -la /usr/bin/python*” and hit enter - you will see several python installations. Run any of those in interactive mode, and they will each display their version numbers, just like what happened in step 1 above.

On my server, the following python versions are available:

Python 2.3.5 (#2, Oct 16 2006, 19:19:48)
Python 2.4.1 (#2, Oct 18 2006, 20:58:01)
Python 2.2.3+ (#1, Sep 4 2005, 21:50:09)

I have no idea, but according to the information on the suggestion panel, it appears that there are other consideration besides just the number of votes.

There could be any number of reason why your script failed - have you tried it with the various versions that are available on DreamHost?

Finally, did you read the DH wiki article on Python that I linked in my response to the original poster? You can install your own copy of python 2.5 if you wish; you do not have to wait for DH to do it system wide. :wink:


I read the wiki page but I assumed that I would not be able to install anything myself because I am on a shared-server and not a dedicated one. Thanks a lot for your quick reply!

You are welcome, and you do now realize that you can install python 2.5 on your shared DreamHost account, right?

One of the great things about DreamHost is access to the shell and the ability to install a lot of stuff for your own use that DreamHost may not have readily available. :slight_smile:


I’m generally quite bad at doing this things (but I will figure it out), but if I install python 2.5.1 to dreamhost, will mod_python automatically work with it, or will I need to change the httpd.conf and somehow get apache to restart?

Unfortunately, you cannot install/run mod_python on a DreamHost shared server (you won’t be able to get at the httpd.conf or manipulate an apache restart).

I didn’t mean to mislead you in my earlier post. You can install, and use, python 2.5.1, but only as CGI.


What about Python as FastCGI? is possible to run it?

While I have not done it, from reading in the wiki I believe it is possible, though many have reported problems doing so. :wink: