PyGreSQL and PostgreSQL's C interface (libpq) AVAILABLE?

Are the following modules installed and available?:

PostgreSQL’s C interface (libpq)

I have someone developing a Python script to communicate with a remote database I have on another server and he says I need this stuff installed on the client (Dreamhost server) for it communicate with my remote db.

Please advise.

Nope. You can install your own version of PHP, if that helps.

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Thanks scjessey,

If it allows me to use the features listed… sure.

If I install my own version of PHP does it supercede the install that is already there - local to my domain?

Installing your own PHP is a significant undertaking. You should only attempt it if you are comfortable doing it, and once you have done it you can expect no support from DreamHost. It’s a bit like invalidating the warranty on something! You will also be responsible for your installation, and if anyone breaches the server’s security because of vulnerabilities you have exposed, you will be liable for it.

I’ve not done it, but presumably installing your own version of PHP allows you to add functionality that the default installation does not have.

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Save $100 on 1-year plans with promo code [color=#CC0000]SCJESSEY100[/color] (details)