Does anyone use Pydio? No matter how I try to login I’ve never had any success. Is it just me? Or am I missing something?

I’ve tried looking up directions on the DH Wiki but couldn’t find anything.

I’ve tried loging in as derby.dreamhost Port 22
Username Password
and all the other variations but no love. I’ve been with DH for 9 years so I kinda know how to login to a server :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know what you’re going to say - use SSH or Filezilla or something. Trouble is that ain’t always possible on a PC in an internet cafe.



Leave the port set to the default of 21. Don’t change it to 22.

21 is FTP (which Pydio uses), 22 is SSH (which it doesn’t).

Thanks Andrew, problem solved. Next time you’re in Australia, contact me as I owe you a couple beers :slight_smile: