Pydio is horrible. Absolutely horrible

Slow. Kludgy. Never finishes reading directories. Hangs in my browser trying to upload a tiny file.

Sure it’s real pretty. But it sucks. Please revert to a clean and fast WebFTP application or at least give the option to use a different one?

Agreed. There are not very many webftp clients that offer the security required tho. Your best bet is to download and install an FTP client on your local system (or try FireFTP as a browser add-inn for firefox or chrome).

Set it up to use SFTP tho, then go to the dreamhost panel and “disallow FTP” on your server users. The FTP protocol is so old it sends your password in clear text. that’s bad.

Yeah I know - I have Filezilla and it’s great but sometimes you want / need a quick browser FTP login from a random spare computer or whatever and don’t want to have to wrestle with a whole install and setup… a simple boring looking webftp client would be great. Pydio is total crap and useless as far as I’m concerned so it’s not like “well its the best option”. If you need a bicycle, a broken motorcycle is not a viable option as it is no longer actual transportation.

We know. :-/ The worst part is, it was still better than some of the other software we tried.

Is there anything else out there you’re aware of that’s better?

The version installed appears to be 5.2.3.
The latest version on is 6.0.2, and runs much faster from what I can tell. Any chance of getting the update setup for all DH users?

Reading directories may not be that much faster, but perhaps that depends on how many files/directories there are.
Any caching and/or performance options that might help?

Yeah. In my decade of having sites hosted for me and for clients, Pydio is the worst excuse for an FTP interface that I’ve encountered. It’s slow and buggy. Really unbecoming a decent host.

Seriously, DreamHost should consider making this a priority, as it’s pretty crucial to have sometimes. Besides that, the whole control panel interface really could use a UI overhaul. It’s really stuck in the 90s, at best. The standard cPanel that other hosts are using (HostPapa, HostGator, etc) is better.

It sucks, because I really do stand behind DreamHost as a company, but would be nice if more care was given to overall user interface on the back-end.

Well, you never will be satisfied about the panel. The Dreamhost panel is done in-house, so all the functionality is not based on licensed software, but private-and-custom-software. That’s one of it’s strenghts, but also one of the most lack parts.

I stick on DH (I’ve used them about 2004 and restarted this year) since it’s pretty fast, and I move so good with their panel. I had some other contracts here and there (now terminated), all with cPanel, but some hostings (like the gator) forces you to see a lot of bloatware and (if you don’t change the skin) tons of ads.

I just went to, and discovered that Pydio has been upgraded to 6.0.7!
Runs much faster…thank you, Dreamhost!