PW protecting a directory

I can’t for the life of me find where I can Password protect a directory?
I’ve asked other friends of mine, but they all seem to have Cpanel so nothing here jives with what they do or have.
In Cpanel it would be as simple as:
Go to Password Protect Directories, if you have it, it will be it’s own icon on the main Cpanel page.
Then create directories, users and passwords

It’s as simple as searching the KnowledgeBase that DreamHost provides you with.

Holy smokes howd you find that?!

Man, I swear I went through every link on the control panel there. I guess the wording got me…
These seem alot more obscure than “password protect directory” and thus wasn’t sure what these meant…
But now they mean something to me!

Oh an I did search the web base. Entered “Password protect directories” exactly those words. Zero results came up.

thanks a million times over!
You guys are extremely patient in this beginner forum…hehe.
I’d buy you a coffee if I could.

Ah, I searched for “password protect”. Usually, more general terms do better than exact wording.