Putty keeps closing on me

When I try to log using ssh or telnet, putty just closes. I enter my username and password, and putty closes. If I enter an incorrect password, it prompts for the password again.

Any ideas what is happening?


Yep! What you are describing is the “classic” symptom of trying to log into the shell with a user that is an “ftp only” user (not authorized shell access).

Go to Control Panel -> Users -> Manage Users, select the “Edit” link adjacent to the user you are having trouble with, and make sure that the radio button for “shell” is selected. Submit the form, and wait for it to take effect (usually a matter of a few minutes).

Once the change has taken effect, you should be able to telnet (though, please do not use telnet, as it is insecure) or ssh into the shell without problem (assuming the user/pass is correct).


Thanks that worked, sorry for the bonehead question, I did not even see that option. i guess that is what lack of sleep does.

No problem; the only reason I know the answer is that it is a pretty common problem that has come up here a few times before (so you are not alone :wink: )!


Hey Guys,

I’m new to this forum.
Thanks for the info, I would like to know which operating system you are referring to where you chat about “not authorized shell access” ?

Where do I change these settings?

Monty, we’re talking about linux/unix OS :slight_smile:

To make the change for your DreamHost accounts, go to Control Panel -> Users -> Manage Users, select the “Edit” link for the user you are having trouble with, and check the box for “Allow Shell Access”

Hey there got the same problem in 2017 :smiley:
Yesterday, PuTTY was working, today, when I did the login, PuTTY just shuts down without error message. I’m using Windows 10, any help please?

Don’t resuscitate old threads: it’s really not that useful. Whatever happened 7 years ago is very unlikely to have any relevance today.

Open a new thread please and provide details. If there is no error message, something else more precise than ‘PuTTY just shuts down’ is needed… The application crashes? The screen goes black? The whole operating system shuts down? Go ahead please and describe exactly what symptoms you are experiencing.