Putty cursor keys

My HOME, PAGE UP/DOWN and END keys don’t work correctly when I log in via Putty to DH.

They work alright though when I login in to Fedora or Centos

Is there some kind of Terminal setting I need to configure in Putty or in my DH settings to get it to work right?

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What still no answer?

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What? You’re still asking?

I don’t use PuTTY, so I wouldn’t know. Have you Googled around a bit?


It sounds like you’re comparing the functionality of two different things. If you’re comparing how a terminal on your computer works and putty, they’re entirely different things.

Those keys function for me in putty, using WinXP. There’s not exactly settings for putty that you can mess with, and not knowing what OS you’re using it’s hard to conjecture any other reason it might not work.

EDIT: Nix that point about lack of settings. In putty have you checked that the keyboard settings (on the left) for the home and end keys are set to normal?
It’s possible that re-downloading putty could make a difference, but I doubt it. Wouldn’t hurt either.

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Is this a result of using the bash shell? What shell are you using for Fedora and Centos?

When you say it doesn’t work as you expected, what do you mean? For editing? For use on the command line?

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When I log on to Fedora and Redhat systems the keys work alright. It is at dreamhost that the problem arises.

I presume they are using bash and I am sure bash is what is used by Fedora and Redhat.

It appears that the terminal settings used by dreamhost are different from RH.

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I have the same trouble using Ubuntu shell via SSH.
It used to work a feew weeks ago.
I’m on Fresca@DH

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Yes, DH uses bash by default, and they run Debian. It’s possible your server is misconstrued somehow. How are you expecting the keys to work, and what are they doing?

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