Putty connection Manager

I have an issue that I need help with please. Not sure if anyone has come across this before.

When I use putty.exe on it’s own to connect ssh session it works fine.
But when I start/try to use the puttyCM.exe to create new hosts in the normally (or via conenction wizard) instead of seeing the welcomign username prompt and password All I see in my tabulated windows is a tradidtional “PuTTy Configuration” wizard

if I put in the host name and click open it works but I shouldn’t have to do this everytime. I’ve never had to in the past.

it’s as if the Default settings configs arent’t being associated with the connection. (this happens when IO quick connect to.)
IF I create a saved putty sessions and call it “XXX” then I HAVE to select this in teh quick connect for a session as it doesn’t work any other way.

I do have 2 Defaults in the quick connect “Default Setting” and “Default%soSetting” and neither of them work.

I can’t debugg this too as nothing appears in the logs. I have associated PuTTyCM with the PuTTy.exe and my connections work fine using JUST the PuTTy.exe script alone.

It’s Frustrating because it’s difficult to explain and should JUST work.

any ideas how I de-bug this??

I hadn’t’ heard of puttyCM, but I spent 10 minutes with google and concluded that it is someone’s abandoned project that look like it got it’s last update in 2009.

It looks like a current project with similar functionality might be https://github.com/phendryx/superputty